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This is Shaya Emilio

Young artist Shaya saw the sun's rays for the first time on October 2nd, 2016, through the hospital window in Bern. Even as a baby he had a lot of energy and never took a nap in the afternoon. He was always very cheerful, bright and intelligent. He showed us his talent very early on, which he was born with. 

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His story

His parents could hardly believe it when he picked up the big brush for the first time at just under one year old and wanted to paint with acrylic paint. At that time he was sitting on his mother's lap and was ready to reveal his talent. It was just before Christmas and his mother had bought these little canvases to paint on with watercolors with him. When she had him on her lap at her craft table and he was pointing to the acrylics, she listened to her instincts, ignored her head that said, "Toddlers don't paint with acrylics, danger-danger-danger..." and let him paint select. 

His charisma changed and when she gave him the colors from the tube, he began to paint with his little hands in a very special way and with full concentration. She only held the canvas for him, he has been holding the brush alone since that first day of art. Each of his pictures was created 100% by himself and without any help. 

From then on he had discovered his first hobby - his passion, art. He never put the brush or paints in his mouth and always behaved very maturely in those moments. 

When he paints, he's like a different person. Instead of his lively personality, he becomes entirely calm, fixed, and focused. Each of his works of art is very individual and unique. He has been giving away his pictures to family and acquaintances for years. 

Now it's time for him to spread his passion and show it to the world. He has been asking us for a long time to be allowed to sell his paintings. He wants to go to exhibitions and have his own artist page. Now at the age of 7 we have decided to give in to his wish and to publish his passion in the form of "Shaya`s Art". 


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